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A Herberger Institute Student Ambassador is an institute leader who serves in the capacity of a student recruiter for the Herberger Institute's prospective students, as well as being exceptional student representatives for their programs and the larger community. Ambassadors participate by giving tours of facilities to prospective students and parents, and by volunteering to represent the Institute to visitors at a variety of University sponsored functions including: Orientation, Fall Welcome, Family Weekend, Homecoming, and other recruiting events as needed.

A prospective ambassador should be...
An undergraduate student with a current major in The Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts 3.0 ASU GPA (Must be maintained for continued participation). 

And should have...
The desire to serve in a leadership role, represent The Herberger Institute and ASU, and have completed the following application.

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How did you hear about our organization? (i.e. a welcome event, flier, other marketing, etc.)

Please list organizations/employment that you are currently or have been involved with. *

Because Herberger Institute majors are so time consuming, how do you manage your time and stress? *

Please explain why you are interested in serving the Herberger Institute as an Ambassador. Also discuss the leadership qualities you would bring to our team. (This can be an explanation, or an experience you've had as an ASU student. This is a highly weighted question.) *

I hereby agree that if chosen as a Herberger Institute Student Ambassador, I will participate according to Program Guidelines and promote a positive image for the Institute.

Thank you for applying! You're awesome. Be on the lookout for more information coming your way through email or phone call soon.
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